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Jerry White: Olympic athletes have opinions

January 26, 2018 GMT


I found absurd the comments made by a fellow American about Lindsey Vonn wanting to represent her country at the Olympics.

The fact that she spoke out about President Trump’s conduct should not exclude her from the team. Only talent and skill level should be evaluated to make Team USA. The writer notes that he represents millions of Americans (and I concede that he does) that choose she does not represent them. I submit millions will be pulling for her to make the team. Equally disturbing is that he prays (shamelessly) she falls on her face. Literally and figuratively!

What type of Christian values are you displaying? Perhaps it is you who should be embarrassed. One last thing, when you serve in the armed forces, they don’t ask or care who you voted for president. Lindsey Vonn has just as much a right to her opinion as you do.

Jerry White

Lake Havasu City