Living harmonically

April 27, 2018 GMT

Katelyn and Laurie Shook have been harmonizing together since they were 2 years old. “Mom and Dad tell stories about us making up songs in the back of the car on the way to Grandma’s when we were that young,” Laurie Shook said. “And we just never stopped.”

The identical twin sisters always have loved music, singing and the idea of blending different harmonies, Laurie Shook said. Now joined with a full band, the Shook Twins of Portland will be bringing their talent to the WildCraft Cider Works’ inaugural Fiddlehead Festival in Eugene this weekend.

Focused on being responsible stewards of local resources, WildCraft develops innovative, artisanal dry ciders inspired by traditional and wild methodology. The festival that features live music, artists, crafters, educators and local food and ciders is focused on all things natural, local and sustainable.


Primarily producing an indie folk-rock sound, the Shook Twins experiment with samples, looping and beatboxing, producing an ever-changing and eclectic sound.

“But throughout our mix, Katelyn and I have always considered our voices our main instrument,” Laurie Shook said.

The group has gone from being solely a sister duo to a full band and back again. The sisters have been performing with the full band for five years or so, playing banjo, guitar and singing alongside a guitarist, bass player and drummer, Laurie Shook said.

“Collaborating with this amazing group of musicians has changed our sound,” she said. “We’re constantly evolving and learning new things and putting that into our music.”

Laurie Shook said the group plans to perform new music as well as old hits and covers at the festival, showing off the twins’ recent “heavy groove, textural sound.” Their newest single, “Stay Wild,” even has them dappling with disco sounds, Laurie said. “We’re getting this funky, more groove-soul sound, and this song is almost disco and more,” she said, laughing.

The group has a full-length album coming out soon, Laurie Shook said.

The two-day, family-friendly festival features a lineup of musicians, artists, educators and nonprofit groups, including the School Garden Project, Beyond Toxics and Friends of Buford Park. Sustainable, wild resource-driven businesses including Mountain Rose Herbs and MycoLogical Natural Products, will have a presence at the festival as well.

The festival is celebrating WildCraft’s tasting and event room grand reopening and will include opportunities to learn about invasive species utilization efforts and the use of botanicals in food and beverages.


“Performing at this festival will be so great,” Laurie Shook said. “It’s really emphasizing local food, local farming and sustainability, and we love being a part of things like that.”

Portland-based American “junkbox-blues” duo Hillstomp will headline Friday, and Petunia & the Vipers, the Sugar Beets, Danny Barnes, Water Tower, Cedar Teeth, Breakers Yard and Alder Street also are scheduled to play.

Laurie Shook said the group usually is a daytime band and is looking forward to taking the stage at night. “We love outside, nighttime situations, so we’re just gonna rock out,” she said. “Our music and all of the natural and educational elements of the festival will go really well together.”

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