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Examining short-term rental numbers, possible impacts in Ludington

March 13, 2019 GMT

Are there enough short-term and long-term rentals in downtown Ludington? And what’s the right balance?

Those are questions city officials are pondering as they evaluate a proposed change to Ludington’s zoning, which would allow more short-term rentals — renter stays of less than 28 days — to be created downtown.

A Ludington ordinance currently restricts rental stays of less than 28 days to only be allowed in hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels and condominiums. The ordinance applies to the entire city, but landlord and resident Ryan Reed is trying to get the downtown area made exempt from the restriction, so that more property owners can participate in the vacation rental industry.

The Ludington Planning Commission’s Text Committee is currently examining the issue of short-term rentals and whether or not to recommend a change to the ordinance.

Downtown there are 90 condos, 68 hotels and 99 apartments — including those currently under construction — for a total of approximately 257 rental units, according to preliminary research from the Ludington Downtown Development Authority (DDA).


Of the total, 99 are short-term rentals, and about 161 units require long-term leases. These numbers include 66 or so rental units now under construction, most of which are the 60 low- to moderate-income apartment units being built at the southwest corner of Ludington and Rath Avenues.

There are also at least 36 condo units near the DDA area, which offer short-term rentals of seven days or longer.

The figures were provided in a recent fact sheet document emailed to downtown business leaders and city officials by Jen Tooman, DDA communication and marketing manager.

To read the full story, check out the print or E-edition of Wednesday’s Ludington Daily News.