Garden club announces 2018 design awards

August 18, 2018 GMT

Every year the Mason County Garden Club searches out local businesses that do an outstanding landscaping and civic beautification effort.

The committee explores Mason County to choose the annual award winners, and this year it’s selected two businesses and one civic entity.

Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital, Drs. Lewis Squires and Nick Simone and the Ludington Petunia Parade are recipients of the 2018 Landscape Design and Civic Beautification Award.

In order to qualify for the award, the business should have attractive plantings, good maintenance and lead the potential customer into the building by enhancing signage, entry ways and walkways.

According to the committee, one of the difficulties in a commercial landscape is a large amount of concrete or asphalt and little actual dirt for planting. Another problem is location, especially on a busy road where dirt, wind and exhaust fumes take a toll on plants.

Sometimes the view from the road doesn’t do justice to what’s closer to the buildings. Small areas of trees, shrubs and flowers are often augmented by planters and pots of flowers.

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