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DA: State police arrest 1 amid probe of Lynn pizza delivery murder

March 28, 2017 GMT

State police have arrested a man driving a car eyed in connection with the murder of a 24-year-old pizza delivery man, the Essex District Attorney’s Office said this morning.

“Massachusetts State Police stopped a vehicle matching the description of the one involved in the Lynn fatal shooting last evening on Route 1 South in Peabody,” said a statement from Carrie Kimball-Monahan, a spokeswoman for the Essex County DA. “During the vehicle stop, they determined that the operator, Brian Brito, was in possession of an illegal firearm and was driving with a revoked license. Mr. Brito was taken into custody and is expected to be arraigned in Peabody District Court this morning on JUST those charges. Mr. Brito was driving an Audi that was towed from the location of the stop. The homicide remains under investigation.”

Police received a 911 call at 5:50 p.m. yesterday reporting shots fired on Bowler Street.


When officers arrived, they found the Atha’s Famous Roast Beef driver shot multiple times, Kimball-Monahan said. His name has not yet been released.

“He was a nice person,” said Thanas Bidi, the pizza shop’s owner, after visiting the dead man’s family in Salem late last night. “I’m still in shock.”

Bidi said the victim had worked for him for about six months.

The shots shattered the dusk as it fell on the street, , near St. Pius V School, neighbors said.

“I heard four shots and then screeching wheels,” said a 61-year-old neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous. “My son looked out and saw a car with the driver’s side window shot out.”

The neighbor, who is a nurse, said she called 911 and was about to rush to the victim’s aid, when her daughter told her that a firefighter had been unable to find a pulse and that the man had been shot in the head.

“I was watching my granddaughters, who are 7 and 9, and they’re traumatized,” the neighbor said. “I’m just thankful they weren’t outside at the time and it didn’t happen when the school was in session. Thank God the kids didn’t have to witness it.”