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Locked-out grandma reunited with lock-flipping granddaughter, thanks to Madison firefighters

December 29, 2017 GMT

A two-year-old granddaughter put grandma out in the cold Thursday night when she flipped the lock on a patio door after grandma went outside to let the dog out.

The little girl started to get scared, then started to cry, as grandma tried to show her how to flip the lock to “open,” but it wasn’t until Madison firefighters arrived and came up with various solutions, the last being breaking a garage window, before the girl and grandma were together again.

It happened at about 6:30 p.m. in the 1800 block of Lynndale Road, the Madison Fire Department said.

The woman was babysitting when the lockout happened.


“The girl was too young to understand how to unlock the door, and, lacking a spare key, grandma called for help from the fire department,” said spokeswoman Cynthia Schuster.

Ladder Company 7 arrived and met grandma on the patio. The concerted effort of firefighters and grandma trying to show the girl how to unlock the lock didn’t work.

Two Madison police officers arrived to join the chorus, but that just added to the girl’s discomfort and she started crying.

Firefighters started looking for other ways in.

“An officer offered to call a locksmith, but grandma thought that would take too long and she didn’t want the little girl wandering around alone inside the house where she could get hurt,” Schuster said.

The crying girl and the stressed grandma pushed firefighters to the final option: a break in.

“Grandma gave Ladder 7 permission to go through a window,” Schuster said. “A firefighter crawled through a garage window and opened up the back door to let everyone in.”

The window was secured, grandma started warming up and the little girl calmed down. No word on the dog.