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Carrying a gun on a bus is a right -- Chico Buller

March 15, 2017 GMT

It’s funny how some public officials feel common people do not need implements of self-defense. They feel that way because they have bodyguards and police.

Fortunately, I own my own vehicle and I do not rely on public transportation or the whims of Madison Mayor Paul Soglin. The courts ruled long ago that the Second Amendment is an individual right. Liberals should read the Constitution instead of reading me the riot act.

We should strip Mayor Soglin of every scrap piece of metal in his pocket, give him a bus pass and make him live in the world of average Madison citizens. Perhaps this will clarify the issue for him as he sits on a dark, unguarded bus bench.


I carry a firearm daily, and I wear a patch on my jacket that proudly says, “Molon Labe.” That’s “come and take them” in ancient Greek. It’s how a Spartan king responded the Persian ruler Xerxes who demanded the Greeks lay down their weapons.

Soglin and Xerxes were cut from the same cloth.

Chico Buller, Sun Prairie