Maryland rallies held against police brutality, for police

August 10, 2020 GMT

SEVERNA PARK, Md. (AP) — Opposing marches, one supporting police officers and the other demonstrating against police brutality, drew nearly 150 people to an area just outside Maryland’s capital, with both sides chanting and sharing strong opinions but no violence.

The “Black Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” groups both made their voices heard in dueling demonstrations Sunday in Severna Park, The Capital Gazette reported.

The larger group was demonstrating against police brutality. Protesters began by kneeling for several minutes to highlight the death of George Floyd, the Black man whose death in Minnesota police custody in May sparked global protests.

“We feel like this town needed this, and we haven’t seen any marches or protests here,” organizer Dylan DiMaggio told the newspaper.


At one point, one demonstrator with the rally supporting police officers drove by the kneeling protesters and shouted insults at them.

Tim Fazenbaker of Baltimore County attended the Blue Lives Matter rally. He told the newspaper he’s against police brutality but sees the Black Lives Matter movement as anti-American.

“I want to stand for people that stand for us, this is about police families and police lives,” Fazenbaker said. “We don’t want people to stereotype officers for the actions of few.”