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January 5, 2021 GMT

VETERAN RETURNS SWORD HE STOLE FROM REVOLUTIONARY WAR GENERAL STATUE WESTFIELD, Mass. (AP) — A veteran has come clean about a crime he committed 40 years ago — and in doing so, he has cleansed his conscience. The head of the Historical Commission in Westfield, Massachusetts says the vet has returned a sword he swiped from the statue of a Revolutionary War general in 1980. Cindy P. Gaylord says she got word that the vet contacted city hall to admit taking the sword from the town’s statue of Gen. William Shepard after a night of drinking. The Springfield Republican newspaper reports Gaylord agreed to keep the man’s identity secret if he returned the sword. The sword on the statue had already been replaced so the stolen one will likely end up in a local museum. Gaylord says the man wanted his story printed to remind people that something they did in the past — can haunt them for a long time.



NEW YORK (AP) — There’s a new dog being recognized by the American Kennel Club. It’s called the Biewer (BEE’-wer) terrier and while its name sounds like the water animal that excels at dam building, the Biewer is closer in size to a toy dog. The Biewer is akin to a Yorkie; it features a long, flowing coat and weighs between 4 and 8 pounds. The Biewer is the AKC’s 197th recognized breed. That makes it eligible to compete for best-in-show at many U.S. events, including the the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club dog show.