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News readers sound off on Patricia allegations

May 11, 2018 GMT

‘Disappointed in The News’

I was disappointed in The Detroit News’ choice to publish the story (“Lions’ Patricia indicted, not tried in ’96 sex assault,” May 10) about sexual misconduct allegations against Lions head coach Matt Patricia. It is a 23-year-old event. No conviction occurred, and a trial was never held. Even though indicted, that is of small significance as it takes very little evidence to be indicted.

There’s no evidence of subsequent or prior misbehavior. And The News has a policy of not identifying “alleged victims,” but has no problem with identifying “alleged perpetrators?” How fair is that?

The paper has now cast a cloud of suspicion over Patricia and besmirched his name. Do you think for one minute that there isn’t a vast number of people who will look at him as a rapist despite no trial, no conviction and absolute denial by him?

My view is that if the “alleged victim” wouldn’t testify the likelihood is that a “crime” never occurred. This is a story only because someone wanted to say something bad about another person.


John Lengemann

Imlay City

‘Dilutes #MeToo movement’

Regarding the front page article by Robert Snell about Matt Patricia, my first question is why was this published at all, let alone on Page One? Isn’t this garbage better left for the National Enquirer? Not only was this a sick attempt to sully Patricia’s reputation, but a poor decision to publish an unsubstantiated claim that occurred over 20 years ago.

I am not a big fan of pro sports of any kind because of the ridiculous salaries and powers that are wielded in their venue. I do enjoy watching an occasional game whether on TV or at the park. But a story like this dilutes the #MeToo movement.

In closing, I have been reading The News for decades. I even worked at the 16 Mile and Mound plant for a period of time. I continue to purchase your paper every day from the corner gas station while taking my dog for a walk. Please don’t let this kind of journalism continue.

Kerry Gelles, Macomb Township

‘Use influence for good’

How ridiculous to publish a story of something (allegations against Matt Patricia) that turned out to be nothing, more than two decades ago. Be more responsible. As a media company, you have influence. Do not abuse that influence. The public is growing weary of all your attempts to stir people up in a negative way. Use your influence for good. Let’s try that.

Doug Wilder

Williamston, S.C.