Maine prohibits mountain camping after damage, litter, feces

June 28, 2021 GMT

WELD, Maine (AP) — Maine conservation official said camping on a popular hiking mountain has been prohibited due to misuse of the area by some visitors.

The prohibition applies to Tumbledown Mountain, located in the area of Weld in rural Franklin County. The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry said Friday that damage to the area and litter necessitated the prohibition.

The department said in a statement that campers are “heavily impacting the mountain with discarded equipment, fire damage, cutting down trees, trampling vegetation, and leaving behind human and dog feces.” The department said park and forest rangers will be on patrol in the area for illegal camping and illegal fires.

The conservation department said the lands on Tumbledown are not managed for camping, but the summit area has become a sort of informal campsite, especially on weekends. The department said that jeopardizes the summit’s ecosystem.

Tumbledown is popular with hikers because it’s accessible to hikers of different skill levels and offers stunning views of Maine’s western mountains.