Missouri Supreme Court: $3 fee for sheriffs unconstitutional

June 2, 2021 GMT

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — The Missouri Supreme Court has ruled that a $3 court fee used to pay for sheriffs’ retirement is unconstitutional.

Judges in a 6-0 decision issued Tuesday ruled that the sheriffs’ retirement fund is not related to the administration of justice, meaning collecting fees for that purpose is not allowed.

The case went before the Supreme Court after two Kansas City drivers who received speeding tickets in 2017 challenged the fees.

A Jackson County circuit court judge had dismissed their case, arguing that the fees don’t violate the Constitution. The circuit court also ruled that municipal clerks, who are responsible for collecting the fees, needed to join the lawsuit in order for it to move forward.

The Supreme Court disagreed and sent the case back to circuit court for further proceedings.

Attorneys for the men are trying to expand the lawsuit to cover anyone in the state who paid the $3 fee.