Ex-aide to Snyder: Dismiss Flint water perjury charge

January 29, 2021 GMT

FLINT, Mich. (AP) — A former aide to then-Gov. Rick Snyder asked a judge Friday to dismiss a perjury charge in the Flint water investigation, saying he was indicted in the wrong county.

Attorneys for Jarrod Agen said the allegation is related to an interview he gave to investigators in 2017 in Ingham County, not Flint or Genesee County where the indictment was filed.

“Because the single-judge grand juror lacked jurisdiction to charge Mr. Agen, the indictment should be dismissed,” attorney J. Benjamin Dolan said in a court filing.

Snyder is making a similar argument. He’s charged with willful neglect of duty related to the Flint water saga, but his legal team said he worked exclusively in Ingham County.


A spokeswoman for prosecutors said they’ll respond in court.

Snyder, Agen and seven more people were charged two weeks ago after a new investigation of the Flint water scandal.

The city, under Snyder-appointed emergency managers, used the Flint River for drinking water in 2014-15 without properly treating it to reduce corrosion. Lead from old pipes contaminated the system. Regulators in the Snyder administration repeatedly told the public that the water was fine.

“Mr. Agen made no false statements during his February 11, 2017 testimony,” Dolan said. “This baseless, politically motivated prosecution is entirely designed to wrongfully smear an upstanding member of the community and dedicated public servant.”