Minnesota colleagues pay tribute to John McCain

August 26, 2018 GMT

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar remembered the late Sen. John McCain as a friend as well as a colleague. The two co-sponsored legislation and traveled to Vietnam.

In a statement, Klobuchar said, In the Navy, he exemplified heroism and bravery. In the Senate, he was a mentor to so many senators: he taught us how to work with leaders on the world stage, and he taught us how to work with each other regardless of party back at home.

She recalled her visit to Arizona in the past month to see John and Cindy McCain. While battling brain cancer, he continued to be engaged in the issues of our time, always a man of grit.

Our country owes a lot to John McCain and we will greatly miss him.

Former U.S. Sen. Al Franken posted a tribute to McCain on his Facebook page and recalled his early dealings with him in the Senate.

John yelled at me after I cast my first vote in the Senate. It was a McCain amendment on a Defense Appropriations Bill that would have cut anti-terrorist funding to bus lines. I had no idea how to vote, but I figured terrorists might want to target a bus at some time or other. I voted aye, and John, standing in the well, yelled at me, So this is what your Senate career is going to be about!? Voting for pork!

Franken called McCain a man of amazing courage. A man who knew the meaning of honor and lived it. A true patriot.

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