Others would love to visit just like we did

June 1, 2017 GMT

I would like to share with you and your readers my recent delightful experience while visiting your locality the weekend of Mother’s Day, May 14. I confess that, as a native Iowa from the northwestern county of Pocahontas, the only thing I knew about Fort Madison was that it had a penitentiary.

Coming from Minneapolis and St. Paul by car, we history “buffs,” my daughter, Valerie, and I followed the wonderfully scenic Great River Road along the Mississippi in Minnesota and Iowa to Harpers Ferry, stopping to see the Effigy Mounds. After our two mile trek up the side of the a hill next to the river to see the Mounds, we continued on to Keokuk to stay several nights at your lovely Grand Ann bed and breakfast home.

During the next two days we visited Cohokia Mounds, Collinsville, Ill., and the old rebuilt Mormon village of Nauvoo across the river from Keokuk in Illinois and then returned to Keokuk and pushed on to the town of Fort Madison.


At the Old Fort in Fort Madison we found that, after seeing all of those other interesting and beautiful sights during our trip, we had saved the best for last.

The Fort looked very much like the pictures we had see of similar structures: very authentic, carefully planed and laid out. The staff were all dressed in authentic costumes of the day. The interpreter, Eugene, portraying an officer, displayed a wealth of knowledge about the era of the fort, and history in general which simply amazed us. His depth of information and enthusiasm about history made our visit to the Old Fort truly memorable. As a result, we took more time there than we had originally planned.

We would like to thank your city planners for presenting us tourists with such a rewarding opportunity as experiencing your Old Fort Madison. We also noted that you city supports a number of nearby historic tourist offerings that would probably entice many more city dwellers like us to leave some of our money in your pockets if we only knew about these places.

Helen Woelfel

Edina, Minn.