Kangaroo decides it’s time to bounce, then hops around town

November 18, 2021 GMT

MADISON, Miss. (AP) — Rocky the kangaroo has been returned to his Mississippi home after a romp around Madison.

The 2-year-old — who assists children during therapy sessions — made his escape Tuesday afternoon, WLBT-TV reported.

His owner, child psychologist Alyssa Killebrew, says a neighborhood child wanted to visit Rocky in his backyard cage but forgot to secure the enclosure.

Killebrew, who is 7 months pregnant, said she and her nanny hopped into action and took off to search for the kangaroo.

Killebrew eventually spotted Rocky along Interstate 55 in Madison, where cars had stopped and motorists were taking pictures and videos,

The animal was taken back home, and the plan was for Killebrew’s husband to take Rocky to the couple’s farm in Flora, the TV station reported.