Editorial: It’s Opening Day 2017

April 3, 2017 GMT

Rain, snow, another chilly nor’easter even as the tulips keep trying to put in an appearance in the Public Garden. No, no, no. This couldn’t be happening.

Long days aren’t meant to be spent indoors.

Not when there’s baseball to be played at Fenway Park.

So sure it’s a little brisk for Red Sox Opening Day — which New Englanders know is the real start of spring and along with it the usual hopes and expectations. And for a town that has come to expect champions of one sort or another on a fairly regular basis (You mean they use those duck boats for tourists too?), well, it’s time the Sox got back in that glorious rotation.

Yes, the Patriots and their fifth Super Bowl victory are a pretty tough act to follow.

But then again no one disputes the fact that the 162-game MLB season is a whole other degree of difficulty — and 162 games without David Ortiz, well, that’s uncharted territory indeed.


But Opening Day is no time to look back. And much as Ortiz will be missed, this year there is Mookie Betts — a 2016 American League MVP contender — and Hanley Ramirez, who at 33 doesn’t yet have a World Series ring on his finger.

“This was my fourth playoffs last year, and the furthest I’ve gone is the second round,” Ramirez said. “I’ve never been to the World Series, and I’m getting old. I’ve got to do it.”

And who from the box seats to the bleachers wouldn’t second that!

There’s a lot to be said for hungry, whether it’s gettin’ up there in years hungry or young and make-your-mark hungry. This team has ’em all in ample measure.

Mostly, however, it’s got Red Sox Nation behind them — intense bordering on crazed, know-it-all bordering on obsessed and loyal beyond belief — especially when the Yankees come to town.

And may this team be playing so far into the fall that we get to complain about the weather all over again.