Montana’s most misspelled word is...

June 5, 2017 GMT

Google Trends released a map of the most misspelled words by state and the results are a little surprising.

By tracking searches of ‘how to spell ___,’ Google was able to determine the words people in each state have difficulty spelling. According to the graphic, the word Montanans looks up the most often is ‘surprise.’


The map, released at the start of the annual Scripps National Spelling Bee, was created based on search data from Jan. 2017 to Apr. 2017.

Montana is the only state in which ‘surprise’ is the most searched term.

If you are curious to see what words other U.S. states struggle to spell, take a look at Google’s graphic:

Google Trends created a data-visualization of top searched “how to spell” by U.S. state, using search data from Jan. 1 2017 through Apr. 30 2017.


‘Beautiful’ is the word most misspelled by Google users in the U.S., appearing as the most searched ‘how to spell’ word for California, Minnesota, New York, Kentucky and Ohio.

At least Montanans know how to spell ‘college,’ which was the top misspelled word for South Dakota.

Ironically, Google made a spelling error on the map and had to release a new one after Twitter users caught on. For Washington D.C., Google initially spelled ‘ninety’ wrong.

How does @GoogleTrends spell 90? — Ben Anderson (@AndStrats) May 30, 2017