Love to watch movie while busy

January 29, 2019 GMT

Movies serve as a great past-time activity. For certain people like me, movies don’t take up a lot of my time, but other people could watch several movies a day. Every person has his or her own interests and beliefs, which causes people to choose different genres when movie picking.

Personally, I have a really short attention span, so I love watching movies while I’m putting clothes away, doing homework or babysitting. However, I am not the type of person who just sits and watches a movie. Half of the time I watch movies, I have no idea what even happened because I was multi-tasking.


But I really enjoy going to the movie theatre because then I can just sit and watch the entire movie without getting sidetracked.

When I am searching for a good movie for myself, I normally go for the comedies. I would much rather laugh for two hours than cry. I really enjoy Adam Sandler movies or Melissa McCarthy movies.

I like kids’ movies as well. Babysitting is my free time, so I guarantee I’ve seen almost every kids movie around.

Every once in a while, I can handle a good love story or an action-packed movie, but comedies and kids’ movies are pretty much my certain genres to stay involved with.

Although I’m not a huge movie watcher, I would still watch a movie to pass the time and get something done. I find it interesting to see how people pick different genres that suit them.