Pitchfork declares Gary artist Jlin had one of year’s best albums

January 5, 2018 GMT

The Gary electronic musician Jlin has been racking up acclaim, getting written up in Spin magazine, the Washington Post and many other national publications.

Her latest album, “Black Origami,” which the British electronica label Planet Mu released early last year, was ranked by Pitchfork as one of the top 10 albums of 2017.

“Gary, Indiana, producer Jlin got her start making Chicago-style footwork,” Pitchfork said in a video running down its top 10 records of the year. “On her sophomore LP, Jlin creates otherworldly rhythmic soundscapes that transcend genre.”

Jlin, who’s worked as a steelworker in the mills, is known for footwork, the post-house electronic music that’s tied to competitive street dancing on Chicago’s South Side.


Her new album was the fifth-highest reviewed by music publications last year, according to Pitchfork. Chicago-based Pitchfork, the Conde Nast-owned online music magazine that’s notoriously discerning in its hipster tastes, gave it a high score of 8.8 out of 10.

″‘Black Origami’ is a gorgeous and overwhelming piece of musical architecture, an epic treatise on where rhythm comes from and where it can go,” reviewer Andrew Nosnitsky said. “The lone ping-pong synth squiggle that opens the album on its title track is misdirection because the 40-some minutes that follow are nearly absent of melody. It’s all perpetually escalating polyrhythmic tension, a time-stopping barrage of drum rolls and disembodied angelic voices. The only moments of calm come in the milliseconds of silence between songs.”

Overall, other critics gave “Black Origami” an 8.6 out of 10, according to Pitchfork’s aggregation of reviews in other publications.

″‘Black Origami’ is an album that, like its predecessors, will be savored and analyzed for the rest of the year,” Robert Ham wrote in Consequence of Sound. “It’s a lock for best albums of 2017. With it, though, comes an extra frisson of pleasure, the one sparked by the realization of how far this young artist has come in such a short time span. The anticipation for where Jlin goes next and what she brings back with her to future albums and singles will go on smoldering in the background while we wait.”