Singer-songwriter Diana Chittester premieres new song ‘Freedom’

April 24, 2018 GMT

Singer-songwriter Diana Chittester premieres new song ‘Freedom’

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Diana Chittester is used to performing solo around Northeast Ohio, but she’s changing up her one-person approach on her newest EP “Paradox.”

The project, which is due out on May 11, features additional instrumentation beyond Chittester’s voice and guitar.

Chittester teamed up with cleveland.com to premiere “Freedom,” a new song from the album, a couple of weeks early. Check out the song below.

“So many of the past records I had done, I never went down the production route,” Chittester said. “But I wrote ‘Freedom’ on the ukulele, and I thought, it definitely is going to need more.”


Chittester teamed up with producer Matt Troja to add in performances by Cleveland studio musicians and experiment with production. The result was much more than just a happy ukulele song.

“We were after a very specific feeling that we wanted people to have when they listen to the song,” she said. “The idea is you roll your windows down in the car and you play your music, like today is the day I’m going to quit my job and do what it is I want to do.”

Following passions is an ongoing theme in “Paradox.” The album is meant to show Chittester’s own challenges in creating music—which became a bit of a paradox, she explained.

In the past few years, Chittester questioned her decision to pursue music and considered walking away. However, the full-time musician realized that her work could crumble away if she stopped performing. She felt a little stuck.

“The pursuit of passion is a beautiful thing but I didn’t realize how in an effort to break away from feeling enslaved, you could become enslaved to your own passion,” she said.

Chittester has been pursuing her passion for music since she first picked up a guitar at 14 years old. She went to college at Penn State and, later, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, performing at open mics and college book stores.

It wasn’t until after she graduated that she decided to move to Northeast Ohio. Chittester had previously visited Northeast Ohio and was impressed by the blues music community she witnessed here.

“The community, the musicianship, is what really drew me to the city,” she said.

She started playing bars, coffee shops and small venues. Now, Chittester regularly performs at the Music Box Supper Club, the Beachland Ballroom and the House Of Blues. This summer, she’ll go on a short tour with singer-songwriter Chris Trapper, and open up for Lisa Loeb’s Aug. 10 concert at Cain Park, 14591 Superior Rd., Cleveland Heights.


“A lot of my style on the guitar developed because I was trying to figure out how to fill the stage, make the dynamics of the songs that you would hear from a full band,” she said.

She’ll have a full band with her to release “Paradox” on May 11 at the Beachland Tavern, 15711 Waterloo Rd., Cleveland.

Chittester will be front and center, with a drummer, bassist and cellist onstage too.

“The solo thing is still a big part of what I do,” she said, “but it’s time for something new.”