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Brookfield dive team finds no zebra mussels in Candlewood Lake

March 28, 2017 GMT

The Brookfield Police Department’s dive team found no zebra mussels in Candlewood Lake last week when investigating a report of the invasive species.

Instead, the dive team, which looked for the mussels during a cold-water training dive Thursday, found Asian clams in the lake. The clams are also a non-native mussel to Candlewood Lake but are not considered to be a problem as zebra mussels are, according to a post by the Candlewood Lake Authority. Asian clams and zebra mussels are similar in size but different in shape and coloring, the post said. The clams live in sediment instead of attaching to hard surfaces like the zebra mussels do.

Candlewood Lake Authority reported that, as of Thursday, there have been no confirmed zebra mussels found in the lake. They encouraged boat owners to clean, drain and dry their boats if entering Candlewood after using the boat n another body of water.


Some zebra mussels were removed in October from the foundation of the Rocky River power station, which connects the Housatonic River to Candlewood Lake by a conduit. Officials said the discovery of the mussels at the power station means they likely will make their way to the lake eventually.