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Letter to the editor: Nazis & socialism

September 5, 2018 GMT

I want to thank letter-writer Jim Harger (“Letter-writer needs history lesson,” July 30, TribLIVE) for proving my point -- i.e., that the Nazi party was a socialist party. Where he gets it wrong is in mislabeling the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi party) as “right-wing.” The left commonly casts aspersions upon right-wing politics by mistakenly associating the Nazi party with being “right-winged.” Right-wing refers to a political ideology that favors capitalism and free markets. Socialism, communism, Marxism and Nazism are all left-wing, favoring increased government control over market forces and social freedoms

Capitalism is the opposite of government control over markets -- and is responsible for making the USA so prosperous.

The evil of all these other isotopes of socialism is based on preaching to society that individuals are entitled to receive goods and services from others in society through government fiat instead of free trade. This is contrary to what is preached in the Ten Commandments -- i.e., do not lie, cheat, steal, covet or kill. We should be encouraged to acquire things and be charitable to others on our own free will and not through government coercion. Socialism ideologies are all left-wing -- suppressing free trade and contrary to capitalism. Socialism, despite its intent, always ended up with poverty, death and misery in every country it has been tried.

The fact that so many citizens seem to be embracing socialism and have no idea of its inherent evil is terrifying for the prospects of the future of our country.

Joel I. Last