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Former NBA All-Star, James Donaldson Promotes September is National Suicide Prevention Month

September 15, 2022 GMT
Your Gift of Life Foundation
Your Gift of Life Foundation
Your Gift of Life Foundation
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Your Gift of Life Foundation
1 of 3
Your Gift of Life Foundation

Former NBA All-Star, James Donaldson Promotes September is National Suicide Prevention Month Reviews from his Celebrating Your Gift of Life book

“Life has never been sweeter.... I’m so glad I’m still here to cherish each and every blessed day!”— James Donaldson

ELLENSBURG, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, September 15, 2022/ / -- James Donaldson’s book, Celebrating Your Gift of Life: From the Verge of Suicide to a Life of Purpose and Joy, has been met with rave reviews.

If you or someone you know is suffering from mental health issues, this book would be a great resource for you!

To get your very own personally signed copy click here Celebrating Your Gift of Life

James Donaldson, a former NBA All Star, business owner, and community fixture in Seattle, WA for 40 years, tells his story of a harrowing, heart breaking journey of working his way through darkness and depression back to a promising and productive life. He made it through, you can too!


James lost it all, his health, life savings, marriage, business, mother, and home! All within a years’ time or so. It almost became too much to bear. He declared bankruptcy, lost his home to foreclosure, had to close his long running business which forced to live on very limited income and had 4 major surgeries in 5 years. But James never gave up all hope and realizes that God saw him through.

At the end of each chapter, you will find exercises in which the reader can write down their thoughts that will be helpful in assisting them through a difficult time, they or a loved one might be going through.

There is a “Bright Side” somewhere, the key is to keep hanging in there until you find it… and you will.

Here are some of the reviews that have come in.

James Donaldson has shown strength, determination and endurance throughout his NBA career. I’ve watched him use these same attributes to persevere through business disappointments, health challenges, especially during bouts of depression. He has much to share on winning in the game of life.

Eve Allen, PhD
Speaker, Author, Wellness Consultant

As a co-pac 10 student athlete, a nba teammate, a Nba all star to political aspirations and traveling the world... The term GENTLE GIANT comes to mind, not just in the physical content but in the mental and worldly content. James has always stood y’all but most important james will always bend to take a stand and lend a hand to help... james, continue the journey of success and growth you stand for and with!!!! Fat Lever


Fat Lever
Lafayette “Fat” Lever
Teammate, businessman,
Philanthropist, Friend

“I’ve known James for over 20 years and he is totally qualified to write on the subject of Mental Health Awareness. His writing is strong and direct. Through James efforts I’ve learned to take mental health issues more seriously and hope that many lives will be saved though James good work.”

Timothy Johnson
Tacoma Washington

James has been a close personal friend of mine for about 17 years. I’m a lawyer in Seattle and two of the qualities that always impressed me are his optimism and goal oriented nature. James is one of the most well read people I’ve known – helped by his listening to audiobooks at 3x speed. He has always been fascinated by the study of human behavior, never guessing that a cascade of events would lead him to experience severe depression. His openness in sharing his journey will be inspiring to all who read his book.


Sending you my very best,
Karen Koehler

James has faced the challenges in his life with strength and courage. His story can help others dealing with strife face their challenges with same courage he has. I highly recommend reading his book.

Joseph Patrick McGivney
President JP McGivney Company
President JJC Ventures Corp

“It takes a big man to publicly reveal his personal scars. James Donaldson’s story is a penetrating reminder to seek help before imploding under the weight of life’s cares. Confined emotionally to a “dark and scary place,” he discovered enough light to appreciate God’s amazing gift of life. ”
-- George Toles, Seattle Sonics’ courtside announcer (1967-1986) and former team chaplain


Throughout our decades of friendship James has often reached out to me and other friends to share his many success stories. But his life saving outreach came about when he developed a friend’s support action plan which he used to help save his own life.
During his darkest hours suicidal thoughts were his constant companion. James’ life was saved when he reached out to us in order to replace his “constant companion”. When James’ did so his friends were able to help him connect with his inner strengths which he then used to fight off his demons.
James utilized his friends as a major resource and now today he is employing his life and death story to help others to choose life over death.
I am (as well as unknown number of others) greatly thankful that James choose life over “the forever decision” of suicide.
Chuck Wright MA,
Washington State Licensed Mental Health Professional
With a Certification in Traumatic Stress


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