Irving, Schroder thrown out of Lakers-Nets game

NEW YORK (AP) — Kyrie Irving and Dennis Schroder were thrown out in the third quarter Saturday night, taking even more star power from a matchup between the Nets and Lakers that was already missing plenty.

Despite missing LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the Lakers led the Nets most of the way, thanks in large part to Schroder’s strong play.

But he and Irving began jawing after Irving was called for a foul on Schroder. Referee Zach Zarba got between them and issued the first technicals for what he said was their verbal taunting.

Zarba, the crew chief, said both players were then warned to move on.

Instead, Irving walked toward the Nets bench across the floor but kept talking toward Schroder behind him, and referee Tyler Ford ejected him. Schroder was then tossed as well by official Jason Goldenberg.

“And so when Irving couldn’t stop yelling at Schroder, he was then assessed his second technical foul and ejected,” Zarba said. “And after Irving’s ejection, if you look at the video, Schroder kind of waves goodbye to him in a taunting manner, and that’s why he was issued a second technical foul and ejected.”

Schroder finished with 19 points and Irving 18. The Lakers pulled away after the ejections and won 126-101.

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