Nebraska to give $50 educational donation to newborns

March 30, 2021 GMT

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Every baby born in Nebraska in 2020 will get a $50 donation in April to help cover future in-state educational expenses, state officials announced Tuesday.

State Treasurer John Murante said eligible families will receive a letter announcing their qualification in the state’s Meadowlark Program.

The Meadowlark Program was created through a 2019 state law that was designed to help Nebraska families pay for educational expenses. Children who are born in Nebraska are automatically enrolled unless they opt out, and will receive a donation the year after their birth. The donation is offered with no extra cost of paperwork for families.


Beneficiaries who are younger than 30 years old who pursue higher education within Nebraska will have access to the money for qualified higher education expenses.

“The Meadowlark Program is a starting point for families as they begin their child’s educational savings journey to set them up to soar,” Murante said.

Nebraska’s program is part of an effort to promote the state’s tax-advantaged NEST 529 college savings plans.