Mosaic asking for gift card donations during Christmas gift card drive

November 13, 2018 GMT

NORFOLK - Giving and receiving presents is a long time tradition of the Christmas season, but unfortunately some people don’t get any gifts.

You can help change that in Northeast Nebraska by giving gift cards to Mosaic, an agency that advocates for people with intellectual disabilities and provides opportunities for them to enjoy a full life.

Community Relations Manager Aimee Junck says after they get the gift cards they go shopping and get gifts for the people of Mosaic.

Junck says to be able to give a Christmas gift to the people Mosaic serves is very special.

“To give them something so special so they don’t have to worry and think if Santa Clause is going to visit them this year is another weight we want to take off of their shoulders.”


Junck says their goal is to get 100 gift cards for each client Mosaic serves.

You can drop off or mail your 10 to $20 gift card from either Target or Walmart until the end of November.