Give the gift of life by being an organ donor

February 16, 2018 GMT

NORFOLK - As of 1988 approximately 724,355 organ transplants have given people a second chance at life.

Those donations save lives and you could too just by registering to be a donor.

The Nebraska Organ Recovery System is holding the national Random Acts of Kindness Day this Saturday to celebrate the generosity of those that give the gift of life by doing nice things for residence of the community.

Members of the Recovery System, Tiffany Plager and her Mom, June Erwin will be in Norfolk camping out at a couple coffee shops. Plager says they’ll be buying people their coffee and striking up conversation about the importance of being a donor.


“I think that it’s something that people don’t always take the time to do or think about. It’s just taking those three minutes that it takes to sign up can really change somebody’s life and families forever. I can’t image today, being 32 and not having a parent around and I am so grateful that somebody was selfless enough do that. I just want to encourage people to do the same.”

To save someone’s life you can easily sign up at NoExcuseNebraska.org or specify to be a donor when getting or renewing your driver’s license.