Malcolm Jenkins has been there before

February 2, 2018 GMT

Philadelphia Eagles outstanding safety Malcolm Jenkins realizes what’s at stake in regards to the Philly fans’ enthusiasm surrounding the Super Bowl. The fans want the Eagles to defeat the New England Patriots and bring home their first Super Bowl championship.

Jenkins can definitely understand how the fans feel about this game on Sunday, Feb. 4 (6:30 p.m. NBC-TV) against the defending Super Bowl champion Patriots.

Prior to playing for the Eagles, Jenkins starred for the New Orleans Saints. He remembers when the Saints won their first Super Bowl in 2009. The city of New Orleans was really excited, to say the least.

“I was in New Orleans when we won a Super Bowl,” Jenkins said. “That franchise never won one. I saw the response from the community and what that meant. I’ve seen the fan base as passionate as the Eagles fan base is.

“The city of Philadelphia not having that [championship] and to be able to have that celebration. I know what it means and how close we are. And how excited the city is. We love it. We feel it the same way as players.”


Jenkins has vivid memories of his first trip to the Super Bowl. In 2009, he was a rookie out of Ohio State playing for the Saints. He played some great football that season. He had 55 total tackles and one interception. It was a learning experience for him.

“I was a rookie on that team,” he said. “That was a very, very close-knit unit. To be honest with you, my head was swimming as a rookie ready to get into a Super Bowl against Peyton Manning and the [Indianapolis] Colts. I know on that team we understood that there were two things that we needed to do in that game in order to win.

“We needed to steal two possessions. That was our mindset. We saw the on-sides kick. We came out with it. Then Tracy Porter got a pick six [interception return for a touchdown]. We got the two we said we were going to get and we end up winning.”

After five seasons in New Orleans, Jenkins became a free agent and signed with the Eagles in 2014. He’s been a major player on defense. The 6-foot, 204-pounder does a great job of playing against the run as well as the pass. He is certainly a player to watch in the secondary.

In 2015, the Eagles defeated the Patriots, 35-28, in a great regular season win. The two-time Pro Bowler intercepted a pass from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on the goal line and returned it 99 yards for a touchdown. This game against the Patriots is for all the marbles. He’s well aware of the challenge ahead with Brady.

[Tom] Brady is one of those quarterbacks that continues to be able to adjust,” said Jenkins, who has 76 total tackles and two interceptions this season. “They’ll go back at halftime and make the proper adjustments. They’ll do it mid-drive or mid-quarter. You always have to be on your P’s and Q’s and be able to adjust.”