NFL and union tell teams what celebrations are allowed

February 6, 2021 GMT

The NFL and the players’ union sent a memo to the Super Bowl teams Saturday detailing what celebrations attended by players and staff should look like.

In the memo, obtained by The Associated Press, the Buccaneers and Chiefs were reminded of COVID-19 protocols that will remain in place.

“While we understand that this achievement is worthy of celebration, the (NFL) Management Council and NFLPA would like to pass along important guidance regarding postgame celebrations attended by players, coaches and staff from our participating teams,” the memo said.

The Florida Department of Health encourages everyone in Florida to avoid gathering in groups larger than 10.


Limitations regarding ongoing COVID-19 testing and facility access remain in place for seven days following the Super Bowl. Should either team or any player wish to host a gathering following the game, the league and union agreed to the following limitations:

— Club facilities may not be used. That would include hotels used by the clubs for game travel.

— A host must limit the number of people in attendance, ensuring all attendees have received negative COVID-19 test results within the previous 48 hours.

— The event must be held outdoors in a space large enough for sufficient physical distancing. Event spaces must be designed and configured to promote physical distancing; masks must be worn at all times; signs must be prominently displayed reminding attendees to practice physical distancing and to wear masks; hand sanitizer and masks should be made available to all attendees; areas for such activities as eating and drinking must promote physical distancing; hosts must ensure any high touch surfaces are periodically sanitized throughout the event; and hosts must offer transportation for all attendees to go home following the event.


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