4 people win $250K apiece in New Mexico vaccine sweepstakes

June 22, 2021 GMT

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — State health officials announced Tuesday that four people have each won $250,000 prizes as part of the New Mexico vaccine sweepstakes.

They were the first four winners of Vax 2 the Max Sweepstakes.

The $10 million cash sweepstakes is funded by federal stimulus and intended to incentivize COVID-19 vaccinations.

Four vaccinated New Mexicans — one from each public health region of the state — are each confirmed winners of $250,000 as drawn at random Friday by the New Mexico Lottery.

Non-winning entries will be carried over to each successive $1 million drawing.

New Mexicans who have opted in to the sweepstakes don’t have to opt in again to remain eligible for future drawings.

Four more $1 million Friday drawings, with four regional $250,000 winners each, will occur throughout the summer.

A grand prize drawing of $5 million is scheduled for early August.