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Norfolk’s new communications director a is learning the ropes of city government

May 30, 2017 GMT

NORFOLK - In the matter of just a few days, the City of Norfolk’s new communications manager has gone from the frying pan of academia into the fire of city government.

Liz Wallace says she’s responsible for knowing all about the people and each of the city’s divisions.

She says her short-term goal is to become familiar with all of the city’s divisions and the people who make them run. “Getting to the point where I know everybody really well, when I can just contact them and be like ‘Hey, I need this from you,’ or ‘Hey, I see this is going on; can you tell me more about it?’”


Wallace is an O’Neill native, and graduated from Wayne State College in May with a degree in Speech Communications, with an emphasis in Public Relations and Organizational Leadership.