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Human remains in Greenwich park sent to state for more study

May 2, 2017 GMT

GREENWICH — After an extensive forensic examination that began early Tuesday and ran until dusk on Friday, skeletal remains found in a town park in Old Greenwich are now in the possession of the state medical examiner’s office for further study.

Investigators carried out a fine-grained search of the area where the skeletal remains were found in the south end of the Helen Binney Kitchel Park Natural Park, not far from the Perrot Memorial Library in Old Greenwich.

“You have to take your time with it,” commented police Lt. David Nemecek.

Beside combing through the area where the remains were found, investigators also searched the entire park — to ensure that there were no other human remains in the wooded nature sanctuary.

Scuba divers worked for two days, using powerful lights to hand-search a nearby stream bed. Several large snapping turtles were relocated by the search team.


Detectives will be in contact with the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in coming weeks, to determine the identity and a cause of death, if possible.

Town workers found the skeletal remains on Tuesday morning.

Authorities did not say if the remains were those of a man or a woman. A solution to the mystery is unlikely to come about in the near future — “It’s going to take a while,” said the police lieutenant.

Calls have already been coming into Greenwich police headquarters from people around the region, inquiring about missing relatives, including one from decades ago.