Name/image compensation for student-athletes proposed

June 26, 2021 GMT


College athletes in Pennsylvania would be able to receive compensation for their name, image and likeness in proposed legislation associated with the new state budget package.

PennLive.com reports that a document obtained from the state House Republican Appropriations Committee and tied to the state’s budget contains language saying a college student athlete “may earn compensation” for their “name, image or likeness.”

“The compensation shall be commensurate with the market value of the student athlete’s name, image or likeness,” the document said. “The compensation may not be provided in exchange, in whole or in part, for a current or prospective student athlete to attend, participate or perform at a particular institution of higher education.”


PennLive reports that student-athletes would need to get outside agents to negotiate name, image and likeness deals — and schools, conferences and the NCAA could not stand in the way of an agreement. In addition, an athlete’s scholarship could not be revoked or reduced based on compensation received in such deals. A royalty clause would require producers of team jerseys, video games or trading cards to pay royalties to student-athletes

Under the proposal, student-athletes would be barred from entering agreements with those involved in adult entertainment, alcohol products, casinos and gambling — including sports betting and the lottery — tobacco and electronic smoking, prescription pharmaceuticals or controlled dangerous substances.

Six other states have similar legislation going into effect July 1 and other states are considering proposals.