Trudeau says pandemic ‘really sucks,’ Xmas up in the air

October 27, 2020 GMT

OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday the global COVID-19 pandemic “really sucks,” and could jeopardize large gatherings of friends and family over Christmas after a reined-in Canadian Thanksgiving.

Trudeau noted frustrations around partial lockdowns and scrapped Halloween plans in some parts of the country. He said Canadians need to gird themselves for a “tough winter ahead” amid a econd wave of the virus.

Trudeau said it’s frustrating knowing there may not be the kinds of family gatherings peopole want to have at Christmas.

“My 6-year-old asked me a few weeks ago, `Dad, is COVID-19 forever?′ I mean, he’s in Grade 1, this was supposed to be his big year as a big boy, and they’re not even singing in his classroom,” Trudeau said.


He summed up the pandemic with a single verb.

“This sucks. It really, really does,” Trudeau said.

Many Canadians avoided during large family gathering during Canadian Thanksgiving earlier this month.

Trudeau said vaccines are on the horizon.

Trudeau’s remarks come as Canada verges on 10,000 deaths due to COVID-19.

Canada’s most populous province of Ontario reported 827 new cases on Tuesday. Quebec reported 963 new cases.

“What we are living through is a horrific national tragedy,” Trudeau said. “And we need to know that there are more tragedies to come.”