Miley Cyrus was glad to make Paul McCartney uncomfortable

October 30, 2017 GMT

Miley Cyrus “really liked” making Sir Paul McCartney feel uncomfortable.

The ‘Malibu’ singer admitted she had expected to be “freaked out” when she came face-to-face with the Beatles legend at a 2015 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame event so thought it was funny when her skimpy outfit left him feeling embarrassed.

She said: “I made Paul McCartney feel uncomfortable one time. I was inducting Joan Jett into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and I, like, went and introduced myself with nipple pasties on. And he turned bright red. Like he looked so red, and that I really liked.

“I just like that I freaked out Paul McCartney! Because I would be so freaked out to meet Paul McCartney, that then he was freaked out to meet me! So the roles just reversed.”


The 24-year-old singer got her big break in Disney show ‘Hannah Montana’ when she was just 13 years old, but saw a huge shift in her image with the release of her 2013 album ‘Bangerz’, and she admitted she had no idea how big the change would be.

Speaking on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’, she said: “I didn’t realize that it was going to shift me into truly being my own person. It changed my life. I felt like that divide, that boundary was very clear...

“America feels like my aunt - ‘You’ve grown up so much, and we don’t want to see you grow up!’”

And Miley only truly realized the extent of her newfound power after her infamous twerking performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs).

Asked when she realised the platform her notoriety had given her, she said: “At the 2013 VMAs when everyone in the entire world knew that I had dressed up as a teddy bear and danced with Robin Thicke and everyone talked about it for a really long time.

“I woke up and, you know, it was on every news channel. And everyone had their opinion about it. At that time it was like, ‘Oh my God, she’s dressed as a bear with no pants on.’ Bears don’t wear pants!

“I was just doing what I wanted to do, And I wasn’t hurting anybody. So that was a good thing.”

The ‘Wrecking Ball’ hitmaker - who is in a relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth - claims she has been on the receiving end of more criticism than anyone else, but insists she doesn’t care.

She said: “Everyone, you’re welcome. I took all the slaps for you! Everything that anyone could have been mad at, I’ve done it all, so nothing seems that bad compared to all the things I’ve done...

“I have a quote in a place where I do yoga. And it says, ‘The more that you love your own decisions, the less you need other people to love them.’ And I’ve learned from a lot of people that have gotten knocked down to get back up, so I’m OK with that.”