State police coverage a fine option

November 26, 2017 GMT

Note to the residents of Youngwood (“Youngwood survey revives police department debate”): Why would you want to have your own police force when:

• You have good access to the Pennsylvania State Police.

• The state police are well trained to handle all situations — domestic and hostage situations, homicides, bank robberies, traffic issues, and on and on.

• The state police will cost you nothing beyond what you already pay as citizens of Pennsylvania and what you will continue to pay even if you have your own force.

• Your own force will put a serious load on your local budget.

• Even if you have your own police force, you will need to involve the state police on any situation that is complex, involves forensic lab work, or otherwise requires skills that do not exist with your local force.

Finally, for those of you who are concerned about your family’s personal safety or protecting your home, I’d suggest doing the following:


• Buy a weapon for yourself and your spouse and be certain that each knows how to safely use it.

• Place a sign on your front door that says: “Due to the high price of ammunition, do NOT expect a warning shot.” With that message and state police coverage, you’ll be fine.

Wayne Baughman