Nebraska AG: More services needed for trafficking victims

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson said Tuesday that he’d like like to see more serivces provided for human trafficking victims to help them resume a normal life.

Peterson said he sees a need for more specially trained foster parents who are willing to accept youths who have been trafficked. He said the Nebraska should also increase its focus on “basic life counseling,” such as help finding a job.

Peterson’s comments came at a press conference with Gov. Pete Ricketts, who proclaimed January as Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

Peterson, a Republican, has worked with state lawmakers from both parties over his tenure to try to stop sex and labor trafficking in Nebraska. The state has increased penalties for traffickers and shifted from punishment to a treatment approach for trafficking victims. They’ve also initiated training and marketing campaigns to teach police, hotel owners and others to recognize the signs of trafficking.