Dracut Police Looking for Swastika Vandals

October 31, 2017 GMT

DRACUT -- Police are investigating several instances of vandalism that included swastikas spray-painted on property on Scott Street, and Wheeler and New Boston roads over the weekend.

Though being described as hate speech, police are not treating the vandalism as a hate crime at this time, according to the Dracut Police Department.

“The swastika is a form of hate speech and its presence in our community is offensive,” Chief Peter Bartlett stated in a press release issued Monday. “I am saddened that this community is now faced with this type of investigation and we will be vigilant in the pursuit of those responsible.”


A swastika was spray-painted on a pair of vehicles on Scott Street, according to the release. Another swastika was found on a wall on New Boston Road at Aurelie Road. On Wheeler Road, a vehicle’s license plate was spray painted black. Also on Wheeler Road, a bumper sticker and a logo of a vehicle at St. Francis Parish were defaced.

The vandalism is believed to have occurred sometime during the early morning hours Sunday.

Methuen experienced similar vandalism over the weekend and is believed to be related to the Dracut graffiti.

Methuen police Lt. Mike Pappalardo said in a press conference issued Sunday that the graffiti was scattered within a 1-mile radius.

Methuen police are also not treating the vandalism as a hate crime at this time.

“The symbol itself is a sign of bigotry and hate, which is unacceptable,” Pappalardo said. “It does not appear, though, that these people were specifically targeted. It appears it was a random act.”

The Dracut Police Department is asking anyone with information to contact the Detective Division at 978-957-2123.

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