Teton Dems to elect new State Committeeman

May 23, 2017 GMT

The Teton County Democratic Party will hold its monthly meeting today to elect a new state committeeman to replace Mike Welsh.

The two candidates for state committeeman, who acts as a link between the county and state party, are Alex Freeburg and John Goodwin. The winner will work alongside Lauren Dickey, who was elected as the state committeewoman in March.

Freeburg is a 34-year-old lawyer with Freeburg Law who specializes in personal injury and criminal defense. He has served as a precinct captain for the Democratic Party and has volunteered during local and statewide elections.


John Goodwin, 27, is employed at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort as the assistant to president Jerry Blann. Goodwin previously worked for Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., for four years after interning with the congressman while attending college at St. Michael’s College in Vermont.

Both candidates hope to grow the Democratic Party in Wyoming and win additional seats at the local, state and national level.

“I would like to contribute to the party by looking for better ways to brand the party,” Goodwin said. “I would also like to focus on issues that cross party lines, like education funding and fiscal responsibility, in hopes of winning more seats in the House and Senate over the next 10 years.”

Part of the state committeeman’s job will be to work on strategy with the state party.

Teton County Democrats believe the results of the recent specific purpose excise tax vote did not accurately reflect the community’s will. The party will analyze its involvement and determine how to improve its engagement.

County Democrats also think that strong communication with the state party could help generate ideas for the young local faction to better push their positions in future elections.

Today’s meeting will be held in the Clymer Room at The Wort Hotel starting at 6 p.m. All registered Democrats are welcome to attend.