AP PHOTOS: In Ukraine, searing images capture a year of war

February 14, 2023 GMT

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a year ago brought death, destruction and hardship to the country, and awakened fears of a new Cold War.

The Feb. 24 attack resulted in more than 8 million Ukrainians fleeing their country in what was the greatest exodus of refugees Europe has witnessed since World War II.

Moscow’s war machine has bombarded civilian infrastructure. Missiles, rockets and artillery shells have indiscriminately hit homes, hospitals and other public buildings, killing and wounding thousands.

In some areas, the ruins of apartment buildings and crumbled bridges are now the prominent features of Ukraine’s new war-ravaged landscape. Bodies lie in the streets, in gardens, in houses. Fire-gutted cars and armored vehicles dot the roads.

In Bucha, northwest of Kyiv, where hundreds of civilians were found dead after a Russian withdrawal from the city last March, Ukrainian officials allege atrocities. Some corpses had their hands tied. Mass graves have been found.

In Mariupol, attacks on hospitals, schools, residential areas and other civilian structures and sites protected under international humanitarian law became the norm.

Ukrainians are often confined for hours in makeshift bomb shelters. Many have been in dire need of food and other aid.

Russian attacks on the power supply during winter left many without heat and running water.

At funerals for soldiers, civilians and children, Ukraine’s yellow-and-blue flag is a familiar sight.

Associated Press photographers were there. This is a selection of their work.