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Pinnacle Bank – Wyoming recognized by USDA

April 1, 2017 GMT

USDA Rural Development of Wyoming recently published its Top Ten List of Guaranteed Rural Housing (GRH) Lenders list for 2016. Pinnacle Bank announces it was the third largest Wyoming rural development lender, lending more than $11 million dollars with the loan program.

The GRH loan program is a program designed to help low to moderate income households secure funding for a home. This program has no down payment requirement for eligible-income. Eligible homes are located in rural communities with 35,000 or fewer residents.

“The partnership we have with USDA affords us the ability to help more Wyoming residents buy their home,” said Doug Weedin, CEO and President of Pinnacle Bank – Wyoming. “This is important, as homeownership helps us build stronger, more vibrant communities.”

For households interested in applying for a GRH loan, contact a local Pinnacle Bank branch or visit wypinnbank.com.