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Easy Street Theater to present “Awesome Powers and the Just Us League”

April 12, 2018 GMT

What do you do when the Justice League goes missing? You call the “Just-Us League.”

That’s the problem at hand in the new Easy Street Theater play, “Awesome Powers and the Just-Us League.”

Written initially by Ken Klipp, better known as the cross-country coach and biology teacher at Bishop McNamara High School, the new Easy Street Theater show was written as a play on the movie “Austin Powers,” with Awesome Powers as its lead character.

After the Just-Us League is kidnapped by the villain Mr. Bad (often called “Mr. Brad” much to his chagrin), and his sidekick Maxi-Me, Awesome Powers calls upon a large group of heroes in order to find heroes.


Among the group is a hero called “Mom,” who sees, hears and knows all. Another hero who you’d think could conveniently see into the future, can only see the past.

The director of the show and Easy Street Theater founder, Monica Brigham, offered her part for the script as well. A cast of 15 turned into a cast of 34 special abilities actors who will be assisted by 20 acting buddies.

“It was always meant to be a big cast,” Brigham said. “I knew that there needed to be villains and a moving storyline. Ken had some really great, and really funny dialogue.”

“Monica is just a saint,” Klipp said. “I wrote the initial story, and along with directing, she contributed a significant amount of the script as well. She asked if clients wanted to be in the show, and she wrote speaking roles and created scenes for them.”

Brigham hopes the show’s audience will enjoy watching the actors integrate with their buddies.

“Some people who have never been to one of our shows don’t realize the abilities that the actors have,” she said.

“Awesome Powers and the Just-Us League” will be presented at Kankakee Junior High School (2250 E. Crestwood St., Kankakee), at 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and at 2 p.m. Sunday.

Tickets can be purchased for $10 ($5 for children), at Joy’s Hallmark in Kankakee, Veronda’s Music Village in Kankakee and King Music Store in Bradley. Tickets also will be available at the door on the days of the show.

Easy Street Theater is a nonprofit organization that provides social and artistic opportunities for all persons with cognitive and/or physical disabilities.