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‘No Fair’

March 18, 2019 GMT

Over daily traffic to get “my share”

We’ll hear the whining, “Hey, that ain’t fair!”

Life’s not a balance of perfect plays

You’re going to have some short-change days

With equal pay for equal jobs

Hustler often gets same as the slob

As luck is known to make its call

You might not get your share at all

Spend your time for fairness keep?

Brother, I wouldn’t lose the sleep

When jury’s back, the verdict in

There’s human error, lose or win

An ideal world this is not

Be satisfied with what you’ve got

Man may never deal justice well

When there are multiple sides to sell

Foul ball or fair, don’t count it sin

Get back to the plate and swing again

Take your lumps, some injustice bear

Or go around whining, “That ain’t fair!”

Don Aslett of McCammon is the founder of The Museum of Clean, 711 S. 2nd Ave., Pocatello, and still enjoys giving tours to all visitors. Check out the museum’s website at