Puerto Rico and Trump power failures persist: Darcy cartoon

March 31, 2018 GMT

Puerto Rico and Trump power failures persist: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio-- President Trump visited Richfield, Ohio, to talk about infrastructure and instead gave what amounted to a campaign speech on the taxpayers dime.  If Americans in Puerto Rico wanted to watch coverage of Trump’s speech, they would have a hard time, because many are still without power six months after Hurricane Maria hit.   And those who do have restored power lines suffer frequent outages.

Officially, the U.S. government claims that about 10% of Puerto Rico is without power and that water has been restored to 99% on the island.    But those government claims do not match the reality on the ground, according to those living in Puerto Rico and those who have recently visited.


While tourist areas are back up and running, other parts of the island don’t look much different than they did the day after the hurricane, according to USA TODAY’s Josh Rivera.   Rivera, a reader engagement editor for the paper, was born and raised in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, and wrote about his recent visit back to his homeland.

“In the week I was home in Puerto Rico, I almost got into four car accidents because streetlights and traffic lights weren’t working.  When you can’t even guarantee the safety of people just trying to get home from work, statistics showing “how well we’re doing” don’t paint a accurate picture of life on the island,” wrote Rivera.

Rivera reports that generators are still needed for power, and that even in areas with restored power lines, outages are routine.  Laura Oritz told Rivera, “Dude, when the government says that there will be an outage from one to 16 hours, that’s a good day.”

“Puerto Rico isn’t lying in a casket but she is struggling in the hospital while fewer and fewer people seem to care,” concluded Rivera.

If parts of Texas, Florida and Louisiana were still without power and water, six months after a hurricane, Trump and Congress would have Easter eggs all over their faces.

Puerto Rico still lacks reliable power because of the failure of power in The White House and Congress.

Speaking of infrastructure during a Holy Week culminating in the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, have President Trump and Congress done all they can to resurrect  Puerto Rico?