Your Turn: January 8

January 5, 2018 GMT

Symphony’s sad fateIt is a sad commentary when our public officials can spend taxpayer dollars to remove statues from parks, change names of high schools in an effort to rewrite history, and use tax incentives to encourage greedy developers to turn our beautiful River Walk into a cement canyon, while allowing our wonderful world-class symphony to fail for lack of funding.Shame on you, Ron Nirenberg, Sheryl Sculley and the entire City Council. Look at the Centro organization and take some funds from there to support our symphony.We homeowners not only pay exorbitant property taxes to live downtown, we must pay an additional tax because we live in the Public Improvement District. While we fought valiantly against this tax, it was shoved down our throats without a second thought. Take some of that PID money and support the symphony, since the Tobin Center is in the PID.Why did we fund/build the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts if we do not support the primary occupants of this center? San Antonio wants to be a world-class city. Losing our symphony would reduce that designation to second-class.Gretchen MayesDitto on symphonyIt is simply astonishing that a city the size of San Antonio, with such a diversity of cultures, cannot support a symphony orchestra! Our orchestra is amazing, and Sebastian Lang-Lessing is a treasure.Doris AldermanParental roleRe: “A safety net for Latino students,” Alfredo Torres Jr., Another View, Dec. 27:I read this column with interest. I must say that until we as Hispanics unite to encourage and provide adequate resources to help young Hispanic mothers (and hopefully fathers) to be more involved in their children’s preschool education, we will continue having many students ill-prepared for college.There is abundant evidence to suggest children who interact liberally with their parents early in their lives (ideally since birth) — and are stimulated by them — do better when they reach prekindergarten and onward.I am sure there is also evidence suggesting these children will continue having excellent academic achievement and achieve better outcomes when they enroll in college. Over the past decades, it has become tragically apparent that many Hispanic high school graduates are not college-ready. All we need do is look at the dismal college graduation rates.John MenchacaComedic PelosiWhen is “Saturday Night Live” going to bring back House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, where she gets all the laughs? They need her back for ratings.Michael B. White