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Man charged with felony for stabbing friend’s pet rat

January 18, 2019 GMT

A Madison man was charged Tuesday with animal mistreatment causing death after police said he stabbed a friend’s pet rat, describing it as an “execution” that happened because he was “in a rage.”

Anthony D. Washington Jr., 27, who described himself to police as “not a nice man,” was also charged with forgery, after officers who were investigating the rat’s stabbing in December found he had counterfeit money.

A criminal complaint states that Washington also had a fake U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency badge that he said he wears for “staving off aggressive social behavior,” but he was not charged with a crime for possessing it.

Washington is scheduled to appear in court on the felony animal mistreatment and forgery charges on Jan. 24.

According to the complaint:

UW-Madison police responded to a disconnected 911 call on Dec. 16 outside the Biotron Laboratory on the UW-Madison campus, where they found a woman cradling her badly injured pet rat, King Nimh. UW Veterinary Care examined the rat and found it had been stabbed with a knife and suffered multiple injuries and was eventually euthanized on Jan. 7.


Speaking with police on Dec. 19, Washington said that the rat’s owner had stayed with him for two days recently, and he admitted that he stabbed her pet rat with a kitchen knife while in a rage during an argument with the woman.

He described the stabbing as “execution.”

According to court records Washington was in custody when he appeared in court on Jan. 7 and was released on a signature bond, pending charges in the case.