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Review: Rebecca Black debuts her new era in ‘Let Her Burn’

February 9, 2023 GMT
This cover image released by shows "Let Her Burn" by Rebecca Black. (Rebecca Black via AP)
This cover image released by shows "Let Her Burn" by Rebecca Black. (Rebecca Black via AP)

“Let Her Burn,” Rebecca Black (Self-released)

Before songs went viral on TikTok, Rebecca Black had a viral hit on Youtube in 2011. Black was only 13 years old when she broke the internet with “Friday.” The inescapable song currently has more than 164 million views on YouTube. Almost 12 years later, Black releases her debut album, “Let Her Burn,” and shows an artist doesn’t have to follow standard pop tropes to create a hit.

Black is willing to channel dark emotions from her past in “Misery Loves Company,” and is able to put deep lyrics to the beat on the dance floor. She also dives straight into past trauma and takes back her power in “Destroy Me.”

“My identity, so easy to destroy/Go ahead destroy me, destroy me,” Black sings.

The 10 tracks are an eclectic range from power pop ballads to electro-pop dance songs. Black doesn’t shy away from her identity and tells audiences what it means to be a queer woman of color. “Performer,” shows off Black’s lyricism and is the stand-out ballad on the album. In “Doe-Eyed″ and “Crumbs,” Black plays with intoxicating dance beats and explores her sexuality in her lyrics.


“Cry Hard Enough” is another stand-out track that has addicting dance beats but also relatable lyrics of heartbreak that would leave a person dancing with tears in their eyes.

“Let Her Burn” is the beginning of a new era for Black and it’s her official entry into the pop world.


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