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Small town, strong bond

September 18, 2018 GMT

In the small community at Pierce High school, everyone knows everybody. And for the most part, a majority of the students who attend school at Pierce have been going there since kindergarten or earlier. Other than a few new kids who come here and there, the number of students in each grade stays about the same from elementary all the way up to high school.

With this being said, a lot of strong bonds form between the kids in each grade, and other grades, throughout the 12 years they are in school together.

Of course, with a school the size of Pierce, people are bound to know a lot about their peers, and sometimes more than they should. Oftentimes, students will feel like they are under a microscope because everyone knows them. But it is actually not as bad as it sounds; knowing everyone can make an individual feel more cared for and can help create relationships.


There are roughly 45-60 kids in each grade, and each year students who are in each grade have to take certain required classes to pass to the next one. A lot of times, this is where people find others in their grade that they become friends with.

Freshman have five required classes, sophomores have three required classes, and juniors and seniors each have two required classes. After having that many classes with only kids in the same grade, many students learn to get along with everyone, even if they aren’t best friends.

Abbey Sedlacek, a senior this year at Pierce High, said, “In my class at the high school, I think we’re really all just one big family. Every single one of us gets along well and will help anyone out when they need it.”

Despite the required classes students have to take with their classmates, the other classes at PHS are electives. These are the classes where all the four high school grade levels can intermix. Whether it be an art class or a high-level math class, a great many students find themselves becoming friends with not only kids in their grade, but also those from other grades.

Although it may seem like a bad thing, knowing every single one of the students might not be the worst. And, yes, a lot of people will know what is going on with almost everyone in the school at all times. But when someone goes to a small school like Pierce, that is bound to happen. In fact, it might not even be the worst thing; it might build unexpected friendships.