Local youth volunteer at Habitat for Humanity site

August 2, 2018 GMT

Youth from First Baptist Church of North Augusta spent some time putting in hard labor Wednesday morning as part of their SMORES program.

SMORES, Summer Mission Opportunities and Recreation for Every Student, is a program that gives middle- and high-schoolers a chance to serve the community, and on Wednesday, a group helped work on Habitat for Humanity of North Augusta’s house No. 19.

“First Baptist has been a big supporter of Habitat in North Augusta, and we really appreciate it,” said Gene Carline with Habitat for Humanity North Augusta.

Don Evans with Habitat said the church has been a big supporter of the organization, and a few years ago, called and said they’d love to volunteer.

“They’re a big help,” he said.

Drew Norris, middle school youth minister at First Baptist, said doing work in the community is important because it’s the community the youth live in.


“This is our community, and it’s only going to be as good as what we put into it,” Norris said. “We’re full believers in the church not just meeting on Sundays and not just going to like, this building and having this worship service, because if it’s only in there and it doesn’t translate out into the community then what is it really for, you know?”